Graphic abortion content is often troubling to me, but sometimes the best way to counter the abortion industry’s lies are to show graphically what they do. So, I have decided to place the material on this page which is clearly labelled.


The following is very adult/mature content
El siguiente es el contenido adulto/maduro


In the first twelve weeks of life the suction aspiration or vacuum abortion is the most common method used in the torturous abortion procedure.  Surgical techniques are sometimes referred to as STOP – Suction or Surgical Termination Of Pregnancy.  Abortionists may use Manual Vacuum Aspiration ( MVA), also refereed to as suction curettage abortion in which the fetus is suctioned out piece by piece using a manual syringe or use the electric vacuum aspiration ( EVA) abortion method, which uses an electric pump to suction the child’s body out piece by piece.  A cannula which is a long plastic tube connected to a suction device is inserted into the uterus to suction out the fetus-baby and placenta.  The suction tears the baby into pieces with the vacuum hose often jerking as pieces of the baby’s body become lodged in the process.  Side effects include cramping, nausea, sweating and feeling faint.  Less frequent side effects include infection, possible heavy or prolonged bleeding, blood clots, damage to cervix and perforation of the uterus.

Suction abortion

Suction and Curettage Abortion of a 9 week old fetus


Abortion in Process – The following photographs depict real-life abortions in progress. They are provided as evidence of the physical toll that surgical abortion takes on a woman’s reproductive system. Areas outside of the immediate procedure have been heavily pixelized. Click specific abortion picture to enlarge for viewing or download.

The Grantham Collection exposes abortion instruments and abortive photographic evidence. I can not give a serious enough warning over the severity of this site and the frontpage video they have showing up close live abortion procedures.

WARNING: Abortion is an act of violence. This site graphically depicts that reality.

 The Grantham Collection is a non-partisan catalyst for action that brings about change through graphically awakening the consciousness through visual facts. The cruelty to these babies are horrifying and heart-wrenching. We will show you what the abortion industry does not want you and the world to see.  The Grantham Collection

Woman Describes “Horrible” Abortion Experience

"The abortion I will remember to my dying day"

Partial Birth Abortion Explained by Former Clinic Worker Brenda Shafer


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